Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Waiting for Superman (2010)

Poor kids get screwed and teacher's unions are evil.

The latest in a long line of subtly biased, but ultimately compelling documentaries has arrived with force. Waiting for Superman attempts to tackle the problems with the American education system, but ultimately shows that the problem is far too great to be fixed quickly. What makes the documentary work is that the kids that the movie follows are quite compelling. Those kids will be fine because they have parents that care, but it gives you an idea of how desperate things are for some of the children out there. You have to take the things you see with a grain of salt obviously. There are no outright lies, but not every piece of information is offered freely since some of it works opposite of the filmmakers objective. In the end, the documentary is fairly compelling and it really inspires you to try and make a difference however you can.


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