Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Thing (1982)

Apparently, the qualifications for being an antarctic scientist are that you like to wander off alone and smoke copious amounts of weed.



Edward said...

I really hope the other good professional Film Directors will make Millions of New Mutant, Transformation Horror Movies as good as this film, and take the perfect time using many, many real Special Make-Up Effects and many Creatures Puppetry Effects.

Anonymous said...

The stupid cartoonish CGI effects like they're doing now days are not real and has no horrifying feeling; but Rob Bottin's Special Make-Up Effects and Monster Puppetry Effects are eight times twice as realistic, better, and creepy.

Horror Movie Directors should think about going back to making many, many monster puppet effects, make-up special effects and make a lot of good monster horror, sci-fi movies.

It would be really cool if they would make eight or more new sequels of 'The Thing.' If they do they should have them way where the ten new guys change into alien monsters.