Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Monsters Attack (1969)

The short shorts on a prepubescent boys was apparently a huge problem in Japan.

When I embarked on my mission to watch every Godzilla film, I knew there would be moments that it became difficult. They can't all be winners right? All Monsters Attack might be the biggest looser in the entire series. The movie is clearly aimed at children, but not in a tactful or appealing way, which makes it an absolute chore to watch for an adult.

All Monsters Attack has nothing to do with Godzilla. Seriously nothing. A young japanese boy who is being bullied, imagines that he can visit monster island and make friends with Godzilla and his son Manilla. Manilla sounds exactly like Barney and through the monsters the boy learns to be brave and to stand up to his bullies. This is one of the least successful films in the series financially and a absolute bomb for Godzilla originator Ishiro Honda.

Other than the fact Godzilla isn't real and never steps of monster island, the biggest problem with this movie is the fact that it uses literally 20 minutes of stock footage from previous films. I really never wanted to see Godzilla fight the giant crab again, but here it is just in case one time wasn't bad enough. While I get that the movie is a kids movie, there is just no excuse for the poor writing here. Everything is dumbed down to a level that makes my head throb and if I never have to watch All Monsters Attack again, I will be thankful.


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thirdman said...

Like I commented on RT, terrible film but it has earned a place in my collection.