Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Braindead (1992)

Your one stop shop for zombie sex, baby violence and lawnmower carnage.

Whoever decided, after watching Braindead, that Peter Jackson was the man to handle the adaptation of one of the most beloved fantasy books in history was a genius. That is beside the point though. Braindead, officially the bloodiest movie ever made, measured by amount of fake blood used in it's filming, is the pinnacle of campy movies. No movie has ever taken so much delight in being laugh out loud bad. The movie is full of painfully cheesy performances, a script that could have been written by a sixth grader and a hilariously flimsy plot, but that's the whole point of watching it. That and it contains the single greatest sequence of zombie baby violence ever put to film.

Braindead, directed by the now world renowned Peter Jackson, is a riff on the standard zombie/demon possession film. An outbreak of some sort of virus wreaks havoc in a small New Zealand town and it's up to mama's boy Lionel Cosgrove to keep it under control. Keep an eye on the credits because you'll recognize a lot of the crew. Jackson loved to work with the same people and almost everyone involved in Braindead stuck around to win their Oscars with Lord of the Rings.

Giving Braindead a serious review is out of the question. It's only comparable to something like Army of Darkness as far as tone and quality are concerned. It's a movie that plays only to a very specific segment of the movie watching public, so, rather than continue to talk about the movie, I'm just going to entice you into watching it with a clip. Baby violence you said? Indeed. Enjoy the best campy horror movie ever made.


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